Customer reviews

Linda Skugge

Nordic Cooker is my Personal Chef. Come home after work and dinner is ready!

Madeleine Ek Brentmar, entrepreneur with her own business, mother to two children

Ulrika Radell

Nordic Cooker has changed our family’s life! We eat healthier meals that we enjoy and we have more time for each other!

Ulrika Radell, physical therapist with her own business, basketball coach, mother to four children

Eva Landstedt

It is unbelievable how many different delicious dishes can be made with Nordic Cooker!

Eva Landstedt, food auther

Birger Forsberg

Nordic Cooker gives today’s stressed families an opportunity to make healthy and tasty meals and still find time to socialize – old life quality in a new form!

Birger Forsberg, physician and public health expert, Karolinska Institute, father to two children

Caroline Eriksson

It is so simple! I follow a recipe from Nordic Cooker’s website, program Nordic Cooker and we come home to a great dinner!

Caroline Eriksson, professional photographer with her own business, mother to four children

The Nordic Cooker recipes are wonderful and so easy! Tell Annica she has created every working mom's dream gadget!

Maria Linna, ski resort reservations manager, mother to two children

The best product ever!!!! My best friend!

Jessie Hederberg, trainer with her own business, mother to four children


It is difficult to stop talking about Nordic Cooker! It is just so good!

Stefan, Sweden


Nordic Cooker works flawlessly and delivers a perfect result!

Peter, Sweden


Our kids can be quite picky about food, but they asked for more servings several times. High marks!!

Ann, Sweden


Nordic Cooker is perfect for we who are away at many soccer and athletic tournaments! We avoid having to resort to makeshift solutions like hamburgers or pizza. Thank you!

Tina, Sweden


I think Nordic Cooker has a very nice shape and design, including the separate control panel, grill and overall appearance. Therefore, we chose Nordic Cooker.

Anna-Carin, Sweden


I chose my slow cooker very carefully and your brand, Nordic Cooker, was the absolute best. I love the removable ceramic bowl, and the solid one-piece stainless steel body is really important.

Norma, Sweden


I have worked with electronics for 35 years and know that everything electronic has the tendency to break at some point. Therefore, it is a huge advantage that the controller is separate with Nordic Cooker.

Tord, Sweden


I read review forums and tests on various websites and concluded it was Nordic Cooker for me! I don’t have extra time or money, so Nordic Cooker is perfect.

Ann-Katrin, Sweden


Hey, I just want to thank you for a great product! I’ve had my Nordic Cooker just over one week and I am completely blessed. I’m normally skeptical about new electric kitchen products, thinking most often they don’t measure up. But Nordic Cooker delivers over my high standards. Absolutely wonderful! THANKS!

Louise, Sweden


I got to use Nordic Cooker three times this week and was incredibly impressed with the results and how easy it is to cook a complete meal.

Britt, Sweden


Why would anyone buy another slow cooker when they can buy a Nordic Cooker?

Kenth, Sweden


I can only say that with Nordic Cooker it was love at first sight! Thank you!

Hanna Lennartsson, Sweden


Nordic Cooker looks the best on the Australian market. I have been doing my research for a while and Nordic Cooker seemed the most solid design out there.

Jabeen, Perth, Australia


Nordic Cooker will be very cool and certainly a good present to my four adult full-time working stressed kids.

Elisabeth, Sweden


I have carefully compared Nordic Cooker with other slow cookers and concluded that it seems to be the best on the market.

Kerstin, Sweden


Nordic Cooker is incredibly easy to use, truly a relief!

Kristin, Sweden


Nordic Cooker is worth its weight in gold!

Lottiz, Sweden


After doing research on slow cookers and reading documented reviews, I chose Nordic Cooker. I made the right choice.

Monika, Romania

I have always been extremely pleased with my Nordic Cooker… have used it mainly for roasts and game stews. Juicy and tasty results!

Anne, Finland


In the end, what made me choose Nordic Cooker was the optional start delay function. I realized that, with recipes that take 5-6 hours, I would not get home from work before cooking time and warming time had expired. And, it doesn’t hurt that Nordic Cooker is better looking than other products.

Charlene, Sweden


I selected Nordic Cooker because it stands out in design, customer reviews were favourable, and I liked the idea of the website and the delayed start option.

Helen , Brisbane, Australia


I am super satisfied with my Nordic Cooker.

Åsa, Sweden


Thanks so much for the fast answers from customer service! It is wonderful that one can get advice from you so quickly!

Marion, Sweden


I had looked at other brands in various stores, but when I saw Nordic Cooker’s standard of finish and the quality, I was most impressed. Love the design!

Paula, Australia


Nordic Cooker is really nice looking and has a more modern design than the other brands on the market. It seems to be a solid and well thought out product.

Barbro, Sweden


Dinner with Nordic Cooker was, of course, very good and without effort. It is fantastic that the food is ready when we come home after the day and we avoid stress before everyone heads out for evening training. A superb product. We will use it a lot.

Karin, Sweden


I believe Nordic Cooker is of a better quality than other slow cookers. As proof of that, we never had any client complaining about Nordic Cooker, and this is quite unusual, as we always always have people who destroy their cooking products.

Nathalie, Nordic Cooker retailer, France


I already have another brand, but it is not the right size. The Nordic Cooker I found on the Nordic Cooker website. Today I made a meal in it and I am very pleased.

Carmen, Denmark


I made a dinner with Nordic Cooker and thought it was fantastic, so yesterday I was back to the store to buy a second one to give as a present.

Monica, Sweden


The Nordic Cooker website with information and a little film gave the best impression, and Nordic Cooker seems to be the best, thus the purchase!

Elisabet, Sweden


I am very satisfied with my Nordic Cooker and use it often.

Anne, Sweden


The best cooker!

Eva, Sweden


I bought my Nordic Cooker a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it!

Jenna, Australia


I was drawn by the fact that Nordic Cooker was Swedish, that it looked well thought through, and by the Nordic Cooker You Tube videos I saw. I searched for and found many positive reviews. I also thought it was good to have the control panel away from the heat source = usually longer lifespan.

Lena, Sweden


Nordic Cooker is the greatest!

Linda, Sweden


I chose Nordic Cooker for 3 reasons; it looks much better than the American brands since they look more plastic, I like the optional start delay, and it is developed in Sweden.

Pia, Sweden


I found a food blog where the woman blogger had given away her other slow cooker and purchased a Nordic Cooker. Seemed like a good endorsement that a food blogger switched out her slow cooker for a Nordic Cooker. Then I compared Nordic Cooker and saw it was alone with having great functions like the optional start delay, and my decision became easy!

Ingemar, Sweden


My friend described Nordic Cooker as “God’s gift to the people”, and then I knew I needed to have one!

Emelie, Sweden


Nordic Cooker is a Big Hit!

Sally, Switzerland


We compared slow cookers on technical, design and workmanship qualities and found that, in our opinion, Nordic Cooker is the absolute best choice. We determined that Nordic Cooker had a smarter technical operation, a more attractive design and higher quality.

Anna and Berndt, Sweden


Most important for me with Nordic Cooker was the possibility to delay the start a few hours, which is perfect if you want to go to work early in the morning and have dinner ready at 7:oo pm. Plus, Nordic Cooker is nicer looking than the others.

Christopher, Sweden