Annica’s cooking tips

Mix of food

  • Follow a recipe from or use your own.
  • For best results, the Nordic Cooker should be 50%-80% full.
  • Most recipes require approximately 7-8 hours of cooking on “low”, or 5-6 hours on “high”.
  • The optional grill may be used for large pieces of meat, or vegetables. Note that large pieces of meat may require longer cooking time, depending on the specific type of meat.
  • There should be no need to stir the food during the cooking process. In fact, it is suggested not to remove the lid as this will extend the required cooking time.
  • There is no need to add fats, such as butter or oil, to the Nordic Cooker.
  • Vegetables and potatoes may cook slightly slower than meat or fish in the Nordic Cooker, so it can be best if they are cut into smaller pieces or thinly sliced and placed on the bottom of the ceramic bowl under the meat during cooking. Set sliced potatoes in water for a while before cooking to remove some starch and carbohydrate and make them softer.
  • Rice: long grain rice or risotto may provide better results than basmati or jasmine rice when made in the Nordic Cooker. Or, rice can be made separately.
  • Pre-cooked shellfish, or pasta, are best if added at the last hour of the cooking process.
  • If a thicker sauce is desired, blend a mixture of flour and milk and pour into the ceramic bowl. Set on “high” temperature for about 15 minutes, after cooking.
  • When using ground meat, add soy sauce for a nice brownish colour.
  • Cooking pea soup is not recommended because the ceramic bowl can be stained by the pea soup.
  • Re-heating previously cooked food is not recommended in the Nordic Cooker. A microwave oven is better for this purpose.
  • Have fun experimenting with your Nordic Cooker, creating your own recipes!

If you wish to use other recipes than those on, follow these tips:

  • One hour of cooking time in a normal oven is approximately equal to 6 hours of cooking on “high ” with the Nordic Cooker, and 8 hours on “low “.
  • Reduce the amount of added water or liquid by 50% except when cooking rice or soup.


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