Compare Nordic Cooker

Nordic Cooker, the modern slow cooker from Sweden

Nordic Cooker    Other Slow Cookers

Fine Scandinavian design                                                                                          YES                         NO

Separate user-friendly LCD control panel protected from the heat               YES                         NO

Optional start delay so dinner is ready when you desire                                  YES                         NO

One-piece solid formed stainless steel body and handles, no plastic          YES                         NO

Removable stainless steel grill for cooking large pieces of meat                 YES                         NO

Over 130 international recipes on website                                                          YES                         NO


  • Nordic Cooker’s ceramic bowl has a special easy-to-clean glaze finish, which is easier to clean than other slow cookers according to several food journalists. The finish is not Teflon or anything potentially harmful, just a special ceramic glaze.
  • We own the Nordic Cooker trademark and produce Nordic Cooker ourselves instead of importing someone else’s brand. Therefore, we can sell the highest quality product for a better consumer price, without middlemen.