Annica’s story

Nordic Cooker was created by Annica, a Swedish schoolteacher and trainer, to give families tasteful and healthy homemade meals and more free time.

My friends and I were so busy with work, dropping off and picking up kids at school, running kids to various activities, helping the kids’ coaches, etc. So, none of us had adequate time to make tasteful healthy meals.

Annica teaching

So I thought long about how we all can have a less stressful life around meals.

Can we fix meals with a low-temperature, thereby keeping the nutrients in the food, without standing at the stove or using the oven?  I want to come home to great meals that are ready!

The answer is YES!

Annica using Nordic Cooker

I took the idea to a talented designer, Martin Järte. I tested many recipes and together with Martin created Nordic Cooker!

Now my friends and I can work, spend time with family without stress, and come home to Nordic Cooker, and dinner is ready!

You can do it also! Feel great with your Nordic Cooker!