Nordic Cooker features

Feature and benefits of Nordic Cooker.

Make cooking meals simpler and save time!

  • Nordic Cooker can be programmed to complete a freshly cooked healthy meal at any certain time, for instance when you come home from work.
  • Nordic Cooker’s innovative features save you considerable time in preparing meals compared with traditional cooking methods such as a stove or oven.
  • Dinner preparation requires only a knife, cutting board, and the Nordic Cooker.
  • Meals can be served directly from the Nordic Cooker removable ceramic bowl.
  • Nordic Cookerkeeps food fresh and warm for hours, so your family members can enjoy a tasty and healthy dinner at different times, when necessary.
  • Simple! No pots and pans to clean; only the removable and dishwasher-safe ceramic bowl.  Nordic Cooker’s ceramic bowl has a special easy-to-clean glaze finish, which is easier to clean than other slow cookers according to several food journalists. The finish is not Teflon or anything potentially harmful, just a special ceramic glaze.

Better taste!

  • Flavors are enhanced by the Nordic Cooker’s enclosed cooking process at a lower temperature.
  • Nordic Cooker will not burn food, due to the low cooking temperature.
  • Nordic Cooker’s low temperature cooking is a better method for all types of meat and vegetables, making them tender and tasty.

More nutritious meal

  • Fresh, healthy ingredients are used in the Nordic Cooker.
  • More vitamins and nutrients are retained in the food, due to Nordic Cooker’s lower cooking temperature and enclosed method of cooking.
  • Nordic Cooker requires no added butter or oil.

Help the environment

  • Nordic Cooker uses only 300 watts of electrical power, compared to 3500 watts for a typical oven, so it is friendlier to the environment.

Save money!

  • Cost savings occur from Nordic Cooker’s lower energy use.
  • Nordic Cooker’s low temperature cooking technique makes less expensive cuts of meat tender and tasty.
  • Nordic Cookerprovides a complete dinner when a family comes home, which is a less expensive alternative to buying pre-packaged microwave meals, take-out, etc.

Unique features and design!

  • Nordic Cooker has an attractive and functional Scandinavian Design.
  • The 5 liter Nordic Cooker makes up to 8 complete dinner servings.
  • Nordic Cooker is one-piece high quality solid stainless steel construction, with a removable ceramic bowl which can safely go in the refrigerator, and includes an optional stainless steel grill for roasting large pieces of meat, vegetables, etc.
  • Nordic Cooker has a programmable digital controller which is separate, so it is user-friendly and cannot be damaged by the heat of the cooker.
  • Nordic Cooker includes a one-year warranty.
  • Nordic Cooker includes many easy and delicious Scandinavian and international recipes, with 100+ recipes available at
Nordic Cooker