Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Nordic Cooker.

Does Nordic Cooker cook one item or several items together at the same time?

Both. The Nordic Cooker can cook one item or several items together with good results. One benefit of the long, low-temperature cooking process is that different foods, such as meat and potatoes and vegetables, become ready at nearly the same time. So, you can enjoy recipes which include many different items cooked together which all become ready when you desire.

How complicated is Nordic Cooker to use?

Nordic Cooker is very easy to use. Follow one of many easy and delicious recipes from the website and place the food into the Nordic Cooker ceramic bowl. With the separate controller, set the cooking time, cooking temperature (low or high) and the delayed start time (0-4 hours), if desired. Press start, and come home later to a great tasting dinner! And, only the removable ceramic bowl requires cleaning, which is dishwasher-safe.

Does the Nordic Cooker require an oven or a stove?

No. The Nordic Cooker is self-sufficient.

Can all the ingredients go into the Nordic Cooker at the same time?

Yes, except for items that are used for garnish, or pre-cooked items such as shellfish that can be added in the last hour of cooking.

How complicated are the on-line recipes for Nordic Cooker?

They are easy. We have designed the Nordic Cooker online recipes to use ingredients that are common and require little or no preparation work, yet are nutritious and tasty well-known and well-liked dishes.

Can I use my own favorite recipes with Nordic Cooker?

Absolutely! It is very easy. Annica’s Cooking Tips explains how to easily convert your favorite recipes to be prepared in the Nordic Cooker, by simply reducing the amount of added water and adjusting the cooking time.

Should I stir the food occasionally while it is cooking?

No. Stirring is not necessary with the Nordic Cooker because of the low-temperature cooking process, and the sealed glass lid which keeps in the moisture and nutrients. In fact, it is suggested that the lid not be removed while cooking since this allows heat and nutrients to escape, and prolongs the cooking process.

What if I come home later than expected?

No problem. The Nordic Cooker automatically switches to “warm” temperature for four hours after the cooking is complete, which is shown on the controller. With the sealed glass lid, there is no chance of the food drying out or requiring re-heating. In fact, different family members can eat tasty fresh food at different times after the cooking process is complete, if necessary.

Is it safe to have the Nordic Cooker cook food while we are away from the house?

The Nordic Cooker uses just 300 watts of energy on the high temperature setting, and even less on the low temperature setting. This compares to 3500 watts for a typical oven. So, using the Nordic Cooker is similar to leaving the house with a light turned on.

The Nordic Cooker operates at a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees Celsius, which is much less than an oven or a stove. The United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service describes this type of product which uses a long, low-temperature cooking process as “safe”.

What is the size of the Nordic Cooker?

The 5 liter Nordic Cooker serves 2 to 8 people and is 35cm in diameter and 20cm high, excluding handles.