Press comments

The idea is clearly fantastic. We turned Nordic Cooker on in the morning and had food ready for dinner guests at 18:00. Without beads of sweat on our foreheads, we could drink a toast with the guests and show off our relaxed hospitality. Nice!

Allt om Mat (Everything about Food)

More vitamins remain in the food and there is less energy consumption than with an oven.

Dagens Nyheter (The Daily News)

You can decide beforehand when dinner shall be ready, and additionally Nordic Cooker is energy efficient.


Nordic Cooker is an innovation in the kitchen. Press start and when you come home from work, training or an outing, dinner is ready!

Gods och Gårdar (Estates and Gardens)

Press the button, leave for outings and come home when the food is ready.

Hus & Hem (House and Home)

The result with Nordic Cooker is that, when you come home in the evening, there is a delicious and nutritious dinner ready with low energy usage.

Hälsa (Health)

Now you can actually create stews, chicken casseroles and hearty red wine meals while you are at work. At the same time, we know that more nutrients remain in the food.

M Magasin

Nordic Cooker takes care of the cooking itself, without you having to watch over it.


Cooking becomes both easier and more fun with this new Nordic Cooker product that simplifies everyday chores.

Vårt Nya Hem (Our New Home)

Are you among those who have anxiety about everyday dinners that are too often quick-fixes? There are over 100 recipes on the Nordic Cooker website that are easy to follow. Nordic Cooker takes care of the cooking itself, and with the optional start delay, you determine when the food will be ready.

Vi i Villa (We in Homes)